Vermont Rx Card Testimonials

A while back, the Vermont Medical Society issued cards to my practice, and since that time, I have received an overwhelming response from my patients on how much money the Vermont Rx Card has saved them on their medications. As a physician, it's important for me to provide my patients with all the resources they need to better their health, and this program is making that a lot easier to do.

Henry R.
Brattleboro, VT

This is the only program for which I am eligible. It's been a life saver��_ or should I say money-saver?!

Lisa K.
Burlington, VT

I pay a lot for my family's insurance. We never had any problems with coverage until my son was diagnosed with ADHD. Just figuring out the steps we needed to take in order to adjust to his disability was enough stress for our family, but when our insurance denied his medication, it was devastating. The doctors told us he "needed" this specific medication for him to cope daily, so if this was required for his health, why weren't they covering it after all the money we've paid? It is still something that bothers me, but luckily we were introduced to Vermont Rx Card. The card has been an ally in saving us a great deal of money on our son's medication, and it has helped to make life a little easier around here.

Kevin T.
Middlebury, VT